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A holistic and integrative pediatric practice in Easton, PA

Ages 0-23 years

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Our Philosophy

Specializing in integrative and holistic medicine, serving the Lehigh Valley for greater than 20 years. Dr. Caso believes that life is a journey starting from preconception planning through adolescence in which every event builds on the next. A child's well being is dependent on a parent's active involvement in the child's health, to guide them in healthy choices. This includes mind, body, and soul. Our practice is centered around holistic principles for good health! This includes a healthy diet and whole food supplement choices which are essential for well being, in addition to a healthy lifestyle and exercise! Dr. Caso believes that a parent's involvement is essential in their child's care and decision making. Holistic and traditional treatments are offered with medicine and vaccines, but it is ultimately the parent's decision to make regarding their child's treatment.

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