About Us

At Tendercare Pediatrics, the health and comfort of your children are our priority. Our established practice of more than 20 years experience enjoys the opportunity to serve our community with quality medical care, and a holistic approach whenever possible. Sick and well waiting areas are available for your children, as well as sick and well exam rooms. We want everyone to be and stay healthy. Dr Caso feels very strongly about parental rights and decision making. Dr. Caso is provaccine, but will always respect a parent's choice. We offer a more baby friendly vaccine schedule, as well as allow for a no vaccine option with a signed waiver. Dr. Caso specializes in naturopathic medicine as well as traditional medicine to keep your children healthy and thriving into adulthood. She is well versed in diet and nutrition, and believes in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle!

Any patient balance or co-pay is required to be paid at time of service. For your convenience we accept cash, credit card, check, and apple pay. Please be aware that any check with insufficient funds will be subject to a $50 charge.

Any balance not covered by your insurance company within 30 days will be your financial responsibility, and billed as such.

Bills are expected to be paid within 30 days. A $20 service charge will be applied on any unpaid balance on the second billing statement. 30 days later the unpaid balance will be forwarded to collections and a 50% collection fee will be added.

A $50 per child deposit will be required if your account has had multiple unpaid balance fees or has gone to collections. Deposits must be paid prior to future appointments being given, and will be kept on the account to avoid possible collection efforts in the future. These deposits will not be used to pay future bills. It is your responsibility to keep current with bills in order to stay active with the practice.

Any insurance that sends out patient information and coordination of benefits should be done immediately in order to expedite the billing process. If not completed the patient balance will be your responsibility.

For cash patients we offer a discounted service rate available for your review.

Office visits are by appointment only. Well and sick appointments are avilable same day.

24 hours is required when cancelling appointments. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be subject to a $50 charge.

Missed appointments will be subject to a $50 charge.

If records are required for any reason, the charges are dictated by medical record state law and will be followed as such.

Standard physical papers are a $5 charge per child. Speciality forms are $10. All forms will usually be completed within 24 hours

No patient information will be given to anyone without a signed consent from the parents. We will always respect your child's confidentiality.